Different Apartment Types and their Specifications

Looking for apartments for rent in Dallas TX? Not sure what kind of an accommodation best suits you? Making sense of the different terms used for different types of apartment available can be very confusing.

Let us make it simple for you, so that you don’t get baffled the next time you look for an apartment for rent or purchase.

Studio Apartments: It’s a one room apartment where you sleep, dine and have a kitchen all in a single place or a room. A studio may have a nook or area which can be separated for sleeping.

Bedroom Apartments: It is pretty self-explanatory by itself. These vary from small-sized apartments just a bit bigger than a studio to multiple room apartments.

Duplex or Triplex: These words can be of different meanings based on the area where you live. It can refer to the number of floors in a house or the number of different units in a building in a vertical or a horizontal fashion.

Live/Work: These are for the mixed purpose for residential and/or commercial buildings often with retail space/office on separate floors.

Lofts: These are high-ceiling apartments and can range from transformed commercial buildings to brand new luxury high-rise. They generally consist of an open floor plan with interior walls absent and a second floor as a sleeping area. They are great as bachelor pads.

The right apartment type for you

As you are probably are going to sign a lease for at least 12 months, it is better that you make sure you are choosing a place which is the right fit or else you could be living in a hell for a year or losing your deposits. It will also be essential for you to consider what is important to you? Is it the size of the apartment, low stress, lots of amenities, location or just being left alone, etc.

Renting a House or an Apartment

Apartment complexes can offer big savings and amenities when it comes to items like facilities for fitness, cable TV, Internet services and water. However, they can also mean sharing your walls with neighbors and having to follow a lot of rules. If you have kids or enjoy loud music or you like to party hard then an apartment may not be for you.

Houses are not only more spacious but greater freedom as well. However, private houses, condos or townhouses can sometimes come with extra expenses, and you will definitely want to do your own checks on your future landlord to see what type of reputation they have and ensure the home is not in foreclosure. The last thing you want is to be renting from an evil slumlord who will never fix anything.

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